Plants for Hummingbirds that do well in the Sacramento Valley.
These plants will also do well in Sunset Zones 7, 8, 9, 14, and 15 (inland Bay Area, SJV, Motherlode).

Botanical Name Common Name Color Blooms Notes
Agapanthus africanus Lily of the Nile white-purple sp-fall p
Agastache species Hyssop, Horsemint many sp-fall p
Alcea rosea Hollyhocks many sp-fall p
Antirrhinum majus Snapdragons many cool ann
Aquilegia caerulea Rocky Mountain Columbine blue/white sp-su p
Aquilegia formosa Western Columbine red/w yellow sp-fall p
Aquilegia hybrids McKana Giants many sp-fall p
Aquilegia hybrids Music white, blue, red, yellow sp-fall p
Aquilegia hybrids Songbird many sp-dry p
Arbutos unedo Strawberry Tree white fl, red/yellow fruit fall-wi t
Arbutos unedo Compacta' white fl, red/yellow fruit fall-wi shr
Asclepias curassavica Bloodflower hot-orange, red sp-fall p
Asclepias fascicularis Narrow-Leaved Milkweed whitish, buff pink, rose-purple su-rain p
Asclepias speciosa Showy Milkweed rose-purple su p
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed orange-red sp-fall p
Buddleia davidii Butterfly Bush many sp-fall shr
Callistemon Little John' (3 ft dwarf) bright red fall-sp shr
Callistemon viminalis Weeping Bottlebrush bright red sp-su, int t
Camellia japonica
many mid wi shr
Camellia sasanqua
many mid wi shr
Campsis radicans Trumpet Vine hot-orange-red su-fall v
Campsis tagliabuana Trumpet Vine salmon-red su-fall v
Clarkia unguiculata Mountain Garland pink, red, purple sp-dry ann
Cuphea ignea Cigar Plant orange/w white&black tip all year trp
Cuphea llavea Batface Cuphea scarlet/purple all year trp
Cuphea melvillea Giant Candy Corn orange/yellow/white all year trp
Cuphea micropetala Candy Corn orange/yellow/white all year trp
Cuphea subuligera Mauve Cuphea, Lavender Cuphea hot-pinks, mauve, magenta all year trp
Epilobium canum (Zauschneria) California Fuschia red, pink su-rain p
Fuschia species Fuschia white, pink, red, violet mild trp
Grevillea hybrid Robyn Gordon' orange/red all year shr
Grevillea hybrid Noellii' pink/red sp, int shr
Heteromeles arbutifolia Toyon, Christmas Berry white fl, red berries winter sp-su shr
Hibiscus lasiocarpus Sacramento Rose Mallow white/crimson su-fall p
Iris sp. Pacific Coast Hybrids many wi-sp p
Justica carnea Brazilian Plume Flower white, pink, red su trp
Justicia brandegeana Shrimp Plant white w/reddish bracts su-fall trp
Lantana camara Lantana many sp-fall shr
Lavandula angustifolia English Lavender lavender su p
Lavandula stoechas Spanish Lavender lavender sp-fall p
Leonotus leonurus Lion's Tail orange su-fall shr
Lobelia laxiflora Mexican Lobelia hot-orange, red sp-fall p
Lupinus albifrons Silver Bush Lupine purple sp-su shr
Lupinus arboreus Yellow Bush Lupine yellow sp-dry shr
Lupinus succulentus Arroyo Lupine purple sp-dry ann
Mimulus aurantiacus Sticky Monkeyflower yellow-orange sp-dry p
Mimulus bifidus Plumas Monkeyflower creamy sp-dry p
Mimulus cardinalis Scarlet Monkeyflower red-scarlet sp-fall p
Mimulus puniceus Red Monkeyflower brick, rusty red sp-dry p
Mirabilis californica California Four 'o' Clock magenta, violet wi-dry p
Mirabilis jalapa Four 'o' Clocks many warm p
Mirabilis multiflora Colorado Four 'o' Clock pink, salmon, red sp-rain p
Monarda didyma Bee Balm pink, violet, red, lavender sp-fall p
Penstemon barbatus Beard Tongue red, pink, lavender sp-su p
Penstemon centranthifolius Scarlet Bugler scarlet sp-su p
Penstemon eatonii Firecracker Penstemon red
Penstemon heterophyllus Blue Bedder blue, rose, violet sp-su p
Penstemon spectabilis Royal Penstemon deep blue, purple sp-su p
Penstemon, Garden Hybrids Sour Grapes, etc' many sp-fall p
Pentas lanceolata Pentas white, pink, red, violet warm trp
Ribes aureum Golden Current yellow-golden yellow sp-su shr
Ribes malvaceum Chaparral Current pale-deep pink wi-sp shr
Ribes quercetorum Oak Gooseberry yellow wi frag
Ribes speciosum Fuschia-Flowering Gooseberry red Jan-Feb shr
Rosmarinus officinallis Rosemary blues fall-sp p
Salvia blepharophylla Eyelash-Leaved Sage orange-red sp-fall trp
Salvia coccinea Lady in Red, Texas Sage white, pink, red all year p
Salvia elegans Pineapple Sage scarlet/purple fall-cold p, frag
Salvia greggii Autumn Sage many sp-fall p
Salvia guaranitica Argentina Skies' light blue sp-fall trp
Salvia guaranitica Black and Blue' deep blue, purple calyces sp-fall
Salvia hybrid Indigo Spires' blue-violet sp-fall p
Salvia involucrata Mulberry Jam magenta su-fall p
Salvia leucantha Mexican Bush Sage violet sp, fall p
Salvia spathacea Hummingbird Sage deep pink, red sp-su p, frag
Salvia species Waverly' lilac-lavender su-frost p
Sisyrinchium bellum Blue-eyed Grass blue-purple sp-su p
Tecomaria capensis Cape Honeysuckle orange fall-sp v or shr
Verbena hybrids Verbena many sp-fall ann
Verbena rigida Sandpaper Verbena lavender su p
Verbena speciosa Trailing Verbena vivid blue-purple sp-fall p

Colours separated by commas indicate different colours. 
Colous separated by a slash "/" are for multi-coloured flowers,  For example, white/red would indicate a white flower with red stripes, or a red center.
Colours separated by a hyphen "-" indicate the possible shades.  Example, white-red would be used where a plant is known to flower in whites, pinks, reds.
Bloom times are noted in traditional seasons (season-season).  Sp-dry or su-rain means summer drought or fall rains bring an end to flowering.
Plants listed as blooming all year may not bloom during cold, dark, wet, foggy stretches that typically occur from mid-November through February.
Other notes: p=perennial, shr=shrub, frag=fragrant flowers or foliage, trp=plant is of subtropical or tropical origin and may be damaged by freezing temperatures,
ann=annual.   Some  plants are listed as perennial but are in fact  shrubs.  I've listed them  by  best use, such as the small shrub Mimulus bifidus which most frequently used
in a perennial situation.  Some shrubs (Salvias mostly) are listed as perennial due to the risk of die-back from freezing temperatures.
** For additional information on cultivation I recommend the Sunset Western Garden BookGrowing California Native PlantsMontery Bay Nursery's Online Catalog,
Las Pilitas Nursery's Plant Lists, the forums at Gardenweb and the Sacramento Gardening Bulletin Board.

There are certainly other plants for hummingbirds that do well in the Sacramento Valley.  This is a quick list of plants I've had good experience with, or plants I've noticed that do
exceptionally well and attract hummingbirds.  Additional plants will be listed in the future.